Tractor History

3500BC-invention of the wheel

1606-Ayanz Beaumont Patents the first steam engine

1698-Thomas Savery Patents the steam pump

1781-James Watt patents the first Steam Engine to provide continuous rotary motion

1837-John Deere Sculpts a his first plow from a saw blade

1842-Jerome Case founds Racine Threshing Machine in Racine, WI

1844-J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company was Founded

1844-Charles Goodyear invents Vulcanized Rubber

1847-Cyrus McCormick Found McCormick Harvesting Machine Co.

1848-Begining of the Deere, Tate & Gould Company. Mass production of plows begins

1863-Deere builds it first Riding Cultivator

1869-Case Begins manufacturing Steam engines

1887-First Gasoline Engine

1876-Case builds the first self-propelled steam plow

1885-Rudolf Diesel Begins development of the first diesel engine

1892-John Deere produces Bicycles

1892-John Froelich Mounts a Gasoline engine on a Robinson Chassis and uses it for harvest in South Dakota

1903-Ford Motor Company is Founded

1907-Henery Ford produces his first Automobile Plow (Term before "Tractor")

1908-First 4 Wheel Tractor

1917-Fordson Model "T" 20 hp four cylinder 3 speed

1923-Harry Ferguson Applies for a patent for the 3 point hitch

1923-John Deere Model "D" Two cylinder Tractor-Beginning of the Green and Yellow glory Colors

1925-John Deere Model "GP

1929-Ford Model "N"

1936-International Harvester begins the Red #50 color revolution

1938-Harry Ferguson and Henry Ford Produce the 9n Tractor, 28 hp

1942-2N Ford Tractor

1943-International Harvester Creates the first successful cotton picker

1947-8N Tractor

1947-John Deere Model "M"

1953-Ford released the Golden Jubilee

1963-John Deere begins producing Lawn and Garden equipment

1977-Case launches the Axial Flow Combine

1985-Case and McCormick partner and become Case IH

1996-Steigher Quadtrac Tractor is introduced

2009-New Holland Restyles the Boomer 3050 to resurrect the 8N

2013-Jeff King begins the revolutionary design of the Extreme Series Grapple and Commercial Series Snowplows