PL- Series   Quick hitch Mounted Snow Plows

PL- Commercial Series Compact Tractor  Plows 

Compact tractor attachments PL-Commercial Series Compact Tractor Plows are the Strongest longest lasting Compact tractor plows on the market. We build our Plow boards with thicker and stronger materials than any competitor.  Not only do we use better materials, we have better features.  The PL-Commercial series plow has a 1/2" thick x 6" tall Hardox 500 reversible cutting edge, 6" skid shoes, and heavy duty springs.

PL-52-JD           52" Quick Hitch Mounted Snow Plow

PL-54-JD           54" Quick Hitch Mounted Snow Plow

PL-60-JD           60" Quick Hitch Mounted Snow Plow

PL-66-JD           66" Quick Hitch Mounted Snow Plow

PL-72-JD           72" Quick Hitch Mounted Snow Plow

Shipping Weight and Dimensions  including pallet  

PL-52-JD    240#s 29x56x18

PL-54-JD            250#s 29x60x18

PL-60-JD      260#s 29x64x18

PL-66-JD      280#s 29x70x18

PL-72-JD         300#s 29x76x18

PL-52-JD-UHMW             230#s 29x56x18

PL-54-JD-UHMW             240#s 29x60x18

PL-60-JD-UHMW             260#s 29x64x18

PL-66-JD-UHMW             280#s 29x70x18

PL-72-JD-UHMW             300#s 29x76x18