Compact Tractor Grapple

The Name says it all. The Extreme Series Grapple is designed to be the strongest lightest Compact Tractor grapples on the market. The CTA Grapple is unparalleled by any other. Through years of testing , it was designed specifically for compact tractors. Compare our extreme series grapples with the competition and you be the judge.

Grade 80 Steel allows for a stronger, lighter, longer lasting design.

Proprietary Hinge system is the strongest on the market.

Pointed tines and sharp serrations providing outstanding gripping ability and load control.

Shipping Weights and Dimensions

including Pallet

G-50-JD Compact Tractor Grapple

24"x54"x32" 250#s

G-50-SK Compact Tractor Grapple

25"x54"x32" 250#s

G-55-JD Compact Tractor Grapple

25"x59"x35" 350#s

G-55-SK Compact Tractor Grapple

26"x59"x35" 350#s