50" John Deere Compact Grapple

G-50-JD Extreme - Compact Tractor Grapple 

-Designed specifically for John Deere Compact and John Deere Sub-Compact tractors under 35 horsepower
-Made from 1/4in Grade 80 Steel for superior strength and long wear capabilities
-Structure is full welded for added strength and rust prevention
-Light Weight  design increases maximum load capacity
-All joints are greasable to increase life
-Standard cylinder and pins for quick and inexpensive replacement
-Extreme serrations and hook tines for X-tra gripping power
-Claws on tine heels for steady reverse raking
-Custom front support
        -keeps tines from digging in during material pick up
        -allows for perfect soil leveling during cleanup
-Expansion Metal to help protect grill and headlights during brush pick-up
-Close out holes to add smaller filtering for rock picking
-195#s Complete with Cylinder.
-50 in wide
-$1600+ Shipping

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Do not disappoint yourself by buying a heavier grapple. Heavy attachments lower you load capability and make your tractor more unstable.

  Mounts on H120, 210, 200CX, 300CX 300X, 305, 400X, 400CX, 410, 419, 420, 430, 440, & 460 Series Loaders
    -More mounts coming soon-
    -Email with custom requests