Heavy Duty Loader Mounted Snow Plow

All new Heavy Duty Loader Mounted Snow Plows for John Deere 3 series and 4 series Compact Tractors. Build specifically for the larger John Deere Compact Tractors. 
The HDLM series plows share the same great features as the rest of the Compact Tractor Attachments Line up.
-All parts are Grade ASTM A656 Grade 80 or Better. 
-1/4" Thick Grade 80 Mould board
-AR500 1/2" x 6" Reversible Cutting Edge. 
-Adjustable spring tension & the ability to add springs (2-5) 
-30 degree Hydraulic Angle
-3 skid shoes of easy leveling

-Available in 6 foot and 7 foot


John Deere 3r & 4r Snow Plows

Shipping Weights and Dimensions

PL-72-HDJDLM   700#s 36x76x36

PL-84-HDJDLM   850#s 36x88x36